A lot of time is spent in the kitchen. From cooking family meals to hosting parties, your kitchen is usually the first room your friends and family see. It's important to have a kitchen that is comfortable, inviting and, most importantly, functional.

Big Wood Construction provides kitchen remodeling services throughout Plymouth, NH. We specialize in custom kitchen features and cabinet installation. Whether you're just replacing your outdated cabinetry or remodeling your entire kitchen, we can help you through the entire kitchen remodel process to ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams.

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Cook in a 5-star luxury kitchen

Cook in a 5-star luxury kitchen

We offer full kitchen remodeling services, complete with custom cabinet installation, tile flooring installation, custom backsplash installation and stone countertop installation. The knowledge that our licensed contractors bring to the table allows us to build you a kitchen that'll make cooking gourmet meals for your family and guests more enjoyable.

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